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Lean Six Sigma Colleges-Lean Six Sigma Curriculum Lexington

It is essential to know the basics of Lean Six Sigma before you decide whether it is right for you or not. So, keep this basic concept in mind: it is a business philosophy that promotes innovation and includes Six Sigma and Lean principles to ensure continuous improvement. So, when you consider its implementation or the inculcation in a community college, you may not see how it can actually benefit the community, but when you get to know more about the principles and structures, you can change your mind.

We at Lean Six Sigma Curriculum for Lexington High School Students of Kentucky make sure that community colleges and their members (educators, professors, and even students) are guided through the entire methodology. We make sure that they can achieve the desired results and understand that LSS can be used for more than just companies and businesses.

This methodology will allow students to enhance their curriculums and add a valuable method that employers will seek in future candidates. They will also be able to develop new skills and enhance existing ones, which will aid them in their individual and group projects.

Lean Six Sigma is a methodology that seeks to increase efficiency and decrease variability in business processes. This applies to both manufacturing and other business cycles, as it has been shown over time. It is important to note that learning the process and learning new skills can help people grow.

The ultimate goal of community colleges is to give students more tools and resources for growth and improvement, to support teachers and professors in their methods, and to prepare the education system accordingly.

It is a win-win situation if you offer the program to your students. If they can apply the methodology, they will also be great contributors to the institution.

We help them to build confidence so that they can become great employees or pursue their own projects when they finish their school phase.

How Is It Used in This Area?

LSS is a combination of Six Sigma and Lean methodologies. This may not be much for you if this is the first time you have read about LSS, but it will help you decide whether you should include it.

Six Sigma allows you to create a process that identifies and addresses problems while also focusing on preventing them from happening again.

For this, the DMAIC structure is used:

  • Define the problem.
  • Measure processes and all performance.
  • Analyze the root cause of each issue.
  • Improve processes by solving problems.
  • Control all your processes, so you don’t have to address the same issues or similar ones again,

Meanwhile, Lean has focused on customer satisfaction and reducing waste. The first part of Lean is achieved by identifying eight types of waste.

Translated to LSS, it means that everything from both methodologies is combined. However, it addresses some gaps, such as the ability to focus on both problems and waste, not just one at a given time, and ensuring employees are more involved with everything.

It is possible to improve each step and every project in a community college by implementing Sigma and, in the process, allowing your members to boost their personal growth as well.

DMAIC-Lean Six Sigma Curriculum Lexington

Training and Certification for All Community Colleges

Students and professors should consider Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Training or Green Belt Training in order to boost their opportunities and be great contributors to the community.

If you are interested, our team at Lean Six Sigma Curriculum Pros of Lexington provides all training and courses to all students and colleges. 

You can reach us as an educator or student interested in learning on your own, or you can expect your college to instill a program with our help so everyone can access both belt training and get certified in no time. 

No matter who you are, any of our training options can be requested. However, only those who have already been certified and trained in the yellow belt will be eligible for a green belt, so you will need to think carefully about which one you can take or not as a student or educator.

Ask our team any questions you may have, and we will do our best to answer them and clear our doubts. We know there is a lot of misinformation surrounding Sigma, and we want to make sure that you understand how it benefits you and others when integrating it in college, the community overall, or just working around how this methodology helps boost your personal growth.